Child Protection Commission Appreciates Ministry Deportation Plan for JIS Teachers


The Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) appreciated the plan of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights to deport 26 teachers of the Jakarta International School (JIS), who allegedly hold fake residence permits.

“KPAI appreciates the Ministry of Law and Human Rights plan to deport 26 teachers of JIS, and we support the government for proceeding against the violations of the law, including the falsification of residence permits,” a member of KPAI, Susanto, said here on Tuesday.

According to Susanto, KPAI was requested by all parties to participate in monitoring the JIS case from all aspects: administrative, legal issues pertaining to its teachers and their educational backgrounds, the schools permit, and the allegation of child abuse incidents.

Previously, Minister of Law and Human Rights Amir Syamsudin said 26 teachers of JIS kindergarten were allegedly using fake residence permits in Indonesia.

The South Jakartas Immigration Office found that 20 kindergarten teachers of JIS have fake documents to work, while other teachers were still under investigation.

The falsification pertains to the kind of work they listed in the document, which is different from their actual jobs.

The investigation was conducted following the allegations of child sexual abuse in JIS. The Ministry of Education had also banned the JIS kindergarten from re-opening as it does not have the official permit.

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