Governor of Bali Urges the Curbing of Illegal Travel Agent


Governor of Bali, Made Mangku Pastika, urged to do immediate control of a travel agency (BPW) that are still operating illegally on the island because it can damage the image of tourism.

“We are sometimes too easy going, it is time to be decisive. Those illegal ones must be closed and caught the perpetrators if it is possible in accordance with the law,” he said in Denpasar, on Tuesday.

According to Mangku Pastika, Bali is relying on tourism sector so the good image must be maintained.

He pointed out that when there is a problem such as a bus crash that killed four tourists from China some time ago in the area of Pecatu, Badung regency, which turns out that the brake was not working, its impact is still on until this day so that it arises questions from the local government

“Therefore, in the future, the Department of Transportation should really check the cars used for tourist transport due to public safety concerns,” he said.

Likewise, Pastika added that the Travel Agent Association (Asita) Bali can also submit the names of illegal BPW to him. Simultaneously it requires the role of the media to investigate it.

He added that Bali should really be able to provide the perfect tourism services from the side of travel agency, vehicles used, hotels, restaurants, tour guides and other related parties.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Asita Bali, Ketut Ardana, suggested that BPW that wants to maintain its existence normally would not dare take the risk of using a bus or a tourist vehicle that is old because it could suddenly jammed or the engine is suddenly off which could cause accidents.

“However, there are also companies that sell very cheap tour packages so automatically it purchases cheap goods such as buses and low quality tour guides, including the type of food served to tourists,” he said.

Ardana added that so far only a few BPW that have their own buses and the majority still rent some. But, generally official BPW would not want to use the old buses, although physically it still looks good.

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