Indonesia-U.S to Improve Cooperation on Mixed Marriage Children Protection


Indonesia and the United States agreed to improve cooperation in providing protection for children from mixed marriage between Indonesian and American citizens, the Indonesian Embassy in Washington said in a statement received here on Sunday.

The commitment was made when Indonesian Minister of Law and Human Rights Amir Syamsuddin made an official visit to Washington DC on May 30 where he met with the US Attorney General Eric Holder.

During the meeting, both high ranking officials agreed to ensure the rights of children from mixed marriage including repatriation of the children to their countries of habitual residence in case of abduction by one of the parents as a result of divorce.

Currently there are 4,000 child custody disputes recorded in Indonesia where 900 of them are child custody battle from mixed parents.

The US Attorney General Eric Holder stated enthusiasm regarding the cooperation with Indonesia saying that the US government put priority on the welfare of children including children from mixed marriage parents.

Apart from meeting with US Attorney general, Indonesian Minister of Law and Human rights Amir Syamsuddin also met with the Secretary General of the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Dispute (ICSID) Meg Kinnear to consult about the lawsuit proposed by Churchill Mining and Planet Mining against Indonesian government.

During the meeting the minister discussed with the secretary general about the process of proposing lawsuit through ICSID and various cases being handled by the ICSID during the past years. Amir Syamsuddin also explained about the issue of revision of bilateral investment agreement between Indonesia and its partner countries.

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