Legislator Reminds Govt to Take Action against the Green Line Violators


Member of Commission III DPRD (Legislative Council) Bali, Ida Bagus Putu Parta, reminded Denpasar Government to take stern action against violators of the green line that is used as residential area.

“I remind Denpasar government in an effort to maintain the green line or agricultural land should dare to take stern action against the violators,” he said in Denpasar, on Friday.

Besides, he said, the city government in maintaining agricultural land or green line should dare to provide compensation for the citizens who are the land owners, such as compensating by tax exemption.

“If this can be realized by the local government, I believe farmland in Denpasar can still be maintained. Because in the field I observed conversion of agricultural land into residential area happens quicker,” he said.

According to him, if Denpasar Government has weak law enforcement against people who invade farmland, then in 10-20 years, agriculture in Denpasar will continue to shrink.

“We can look at a number of productive agricultural lands, such as at Jalan Sedap Malam, Jalan Tukad Balian, and Jalan Dewata (Sidakarya) are continuously pressed by the residential area. Moreover, developers continue to target such type of lands,” he said.

Parta further said that to perform land conversion restrictions as an effort of agriculture conservation, related agencies are expected to participate as well to support it, such as the National Land Agency (BPN).

“If BPN continues to give the green signal to entrepreneurs of land plotting, the land conversion into housing will not be controlled. Because the people wishes to sell the agricultural land is also more aggressive, because the land is worth hundreds millions rupiah, compared to if they remain as farmers with low income every year,” he said.

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