Munggu Village Residents Held Mekotek Tradition


Hundreds residents of Munggu Village, Badung regency, Bali, held “Mekotek” tradition, on Kuningan Holy Day, on Saturday.

“The tradition is carried as a symbol of victory and attempts to reject disasters that occurred in Munggu village decades ago,” said Chief of Munggu customary village, I Made Rai Sujana.

That tradition is followed by almost all people especially the men in Munggu village, by bringing a long stick and walking around the village, which is located in the west of the richest regency on the island.

Later at every intersection, the young men will get together and form a pyramid formation with a number of sticks.

On several occasions, one of the youths climbed to the pyramid pile of sticks and after reaching the peak he will be dropped into one of his partners’ direction.

According to Rai Sujana, initially “Mekotek” was held to welcome the war fleet passing Munggu village who will go to the battle field as well as welcoming the troops as they got victory against Blambangan.

“In the past, the ceremony was using a spear made of iron. But along with the times and to avoid participants getting hurt, then since 1948, the iron spear began to be replaced by a wooden spear,” he said.

Meanwhile, the original spear is preserved and stored in the local village temple.

“Mekotek” is taken from the word tek-tek, which is the sound of wood that hit against each other.

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