Narcotics Agency Monitors Drugs Distribution Ahead of Holiday Season


Bali Provincial Narcotics Agency (BNP) will oversee drugs trafficking ahead of the long holiday season because it is judged to be the momentum for the syndicate distributing the illicit goods.

“It could be by looking at the momentum of a long holiday, the drug can be easily distributed,” said Head of BNP Bali, Gusti Budiartha, in Kuta, Badung regency, on Saturday.

According to Gusti Budiartha, Bali as a world tourist destination, during the holiday season will be much visited by tourists both domestic and foreign ones.

It is constituted with the arrested of two narcotics smuggling of methamphetamine or shabu – shabu that were successfully prevented by the Ngurah Rai International Airport Customs officials.

The arrested were successfully solved adjacently, that is methamphetamine smuggling attempts through the Renon Post Office, Denpasar, on Wednesday (14/5) with the perpetrator having initials of INS, a resident of Kerobokan, Badung regency, Bali.

INS was arrested by police after receiving a postal package in the form of paintings contained 715 grams of methamphetamine that is wrapped in aluminum-coated paper.

Drug delivery through the post office from South Africa is a new mode found on the island.

In addition to this case, officers of Customs at Ngurah Rai again successfully prevented drug smuggling attempt of shabu – shabu weighing more than 2,522 grams or 2.5 pounds on Friday (16/5).

The illicit goods were taken by an old man, identified as ABA (84) from Sampang, Madura, East Java, which was brought from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The large amount, if it is circulated in the community, believed to be put in the package as much as 12,600 packs with assumption that a user will consume 0.2 grams per pack.

So by preventing the narcotics smuggling, more than 12,600 people could be saved from the illicit goods impact. Budiartha added, BNN (National Narcotics Agency), will intensify cooperation with Ngurah Rai Customs and the police to keep an eye on the entrances including a variety of efforts to pass drugs to Bali.

“We must work together with the relevant agencies such as customs, quarantine, post office, police and seaports for entrances must be guarded. If they know the tight security at the entrances, then the syndicate would seek any breakthrough to deceive the officers,” he said.

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