President Election Expected to be an Interesting Event for Tourists in Bali


Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) of Bali Province expected that the 2014 Presidential Election to be an event that is interesting to foreign tourists.

“Hopefully, the Presidential Election becomes main attraction. Moreover, if it manages to be a great event, it is possible that in the next five years even tourists will come when the election happening because there is an attractive and lively spectacle in every corner,” said Chairman of Kadin Bali, Gde Sumarjaya Linggih, in Denpasar, on Monday.

According to Sumarjaya Linggih, the election is expected everybody is happy and get benefit from the five-yearly event.

Therefore, two pairs of president and vice president candidates, namely Prabowo Subianto – Hatta Rajasa and Joko Widodo – Kalla, should be able to demonstrate a positive competition.

“The election should not cause victims and conflict that will cause a loss for a lot of people,” said the man who is familiarly called Demer.

Demer explained that the security aspects to be a principal and fixed thing that must be maintained in Bali. When it comes to professionalism, culture and services in the field of tourism is undoubtedly because it has become part of the life of the island community.

“Later in the president election, the party losing must accept it. Similarly the winning one, their cheers should not cause offense,” he said.

In addition, Kadin Bali has also urged his staffs to jointly maintain a conducive situation in their respective regions. In other words, company leaders must communicate to the employees to think positively in facing the election.

“The President Election must be interpreted as a regular five- yearly democracy party and not a war between life and death,” said the man who was born in Buleleng regency.

In addition, it will be a tourist attraction, according to Demer, a conducive atmosphere in President Election can have an impact on improving the economy of Bali.

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2 Responses to “President Election Expected to be an Interesting Event for Tourists in Bali”

  1. Shorty Says:

    let’s be realistic…

    how many tourists go anywhere attracted by elections?

    bugger all.

    back to bali. ogoh ogoh banned or restricted during elections for fear of potential violence. cops on every corner. para military processions of party faithful. escorted ego driven motorcades of self important nonentities……

    just what the tourist is looking for.

  2. Shorty Says:


    ‘Bali Police Prepare 4,000 Personnel to Secure President Election’