Bali Financial Deviation is the Lowest in Indonesia


Chairman of the Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr. H. Rizal Djalil, said that the level of financial irregularities in Bali Provincial Government occupies the lowest position compared to other provinces in Indonesia.

“I studied all the data and the lowest level of deviation is in Bali,” he said after delivering Audit Reports on Financial Statements of Local Government (LKPD) of Bali in 2013, in Denpasar, on Friday.

Bali provincial government in addition to the lowest level of financial irregularities deviation based on LKPD inspection in 2013, also at the same time received an Unexceptional opinion

The deviation, he added, usually occurs related to a certain development budget purposes, but suddenly it lacks of budget and the budget sometimes is directly used, it was nothing provided that it will be adjusted again on budget changes.

On the other hand, associated with the realization of travel business that exceeds in the Bali provincial government, according to Rizal is normative and can occur anywhere because it cannot be ascertained to where officials are going next year.

“Exceeding travel business is still within reasonable limit and I suggest that it can be scheduled later in the budget changes. What becomes an issue is the fictional trip, but I believe and trust in the provincial government of Bali and DPRD Bali that nothing is fictional, it just exceeded slightly from the existing budget. It was no problem, they just need to be re-budgeted, “he said.

Therefore, he has asked the Governor of Bali and DPRD (Legislative council) Bali to choose which pattern is most appropriate whether to use “at cost” (real costs) or lumpsum or half “at cost” system. He leaves the decision to the local government as BPK only see if it is carried out in accordance with the rules or not.

BPK also criticized the procurement of medicines at the Bali Provincial Mental Hospital using auction method that needs to be fixed and the calculation of provincial taxes to the regencies/ city government needs to be reviewed, upgraded and fixed.

“In addition, the lease payments from the Bali Government asset utilization should be renegotiated so that the Bali government could get a more significant benefit in accordance with the current value of money and the inflation rate,” said Rizal.

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