Bali Police Uncovers Drugs Smuggling via Mail


Drugs Investigation Directorate officers with Ngurah Rai Customs and Denpasar Post Office managed to uncover drugs type crystal methamphetamine or shabu-shabu smuggling attempt weighing 452 grams via mail from Malaysia.

“The mode used by smugglers is to hide the drugs package in the water pump sent by mail package from Malaysia,” said Head of Public Information Sub-Section of Bali Police, Assistant Commissioner Sri Harmiti in her press conference, in Denpasar, on Tuesday.

According to her, after a search, officers finally managed to catch the offender with initials MH aka Unyil (30) in a rented house in Jalan Wijaya Kusuma Gang Tegal Wangi, Sesetan, Denpasar.

Head of Sub-Directorate of Criminal Investigation Narcotics Unit II Bali Police, Assistant Commissioner Jhony Lay described the chronological of the suspect arrest on Friday (30/5).

“The suspect was arrested after a ‘control delivery’ (delivery monitoring) on an ongoing basis,” he said.

He explained that on Saturday (24/5), Ngurah Rai Customs officers at the international goods reception at Bali Post Office Operations Unit inspected a package from Malaysia.

Through X-ray scan machine, officers suspected the contents in the package. The officers suspicion finally proven by the discovery of two plastics each weighing 204 grams and one contains 44 grams that is placed in a stainless water pump.

The package was addressed to Suwarno living at Jalan Sari Gang Mandala VIII / 6 Mandala Sari village, Dangin Puri Kelod, East Denpasar.

“Then on Saturday, there were a man and women asked for the package at the Post Office. Yet because it was already the closing hours, officers advised them to come back to the Post Office on Monday. When we did control delivery again on Monday, it turned out that they did not come so we cooperate with the Post Office for sending a letter to pick up the package, “said Jhony.

Due to Bali was celebrating Galungan and Kuningan as well as some national holidays, then the monitoring was delayed because the post office was closed.

Finally, Jhony further said, a man named Suwarno take the package at the post office and the man was finally interrogated.

Upon questioning, he admitted that he was told to take the package from Unyil that was later arrested in a rented house.

“Suwarno and the suspect are neighbors, but he (Suwarno) has been considered Unyil like his nephew,” said Jhony.

Now the suspect who is known to work as an entrepreneur was secured at Bali police headquarters.

Unyil who is suspected as a courier as well as the drugs dealer was charged with a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison.

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