Access Roads to Red Light Area in Surabaya Closed


All seven access roads to Surabaya’s red light areas of Dolly and Jarak were blocked by local people in protest of the closure of Southeast Asia’s largest prostitution centers.

The city authority has declared the two prostitution centers closed on Wednesday.

The local people have protested the plan to close the prostitution centers.

Coordinator of the operators of the prostitution houses in the two centers Saputro said the access roads would be blocked after the city authority agrees to delay the closure of the Dolly and Jarak prostitution centers.

All ways to the areas would be closed from morning to midnight blocked with wooden bars flag poles damaged chairs or anything, Saputra said Hundreds of prostitutes and small traders in the two prostitution centers joined the protest.

The city authorities have promised to pay compensation Rp5 million each for the prostitutes and the operators of the prostitution centers.

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