Balinese Craftsmen Prepare Unique Souvenirs for School Holiday


Balinese craftsmen make various types of souvenirs as art piece, to be prepared for the school holiday in June-July 2014 for people visiting the island.

“It is done because Balinese crafts always wanted by tourists when have vacation in Bali, since its design has characteristics of the arts and culture growing in this region,” said Made Sudiana, a businessman and exporter of various Balinese crafts in Denpasar, on Friday.

Balinese craftsmen are ready to welcome domestic tourist’s arrival especially young generation (students) to welcome school holiday in the middle of 2014 in this region by offering various types of unique accessories made by the local craftsmen.

The businessmen are ready with various crafts that are unique and affordable for most of the domestic tourists having vacation in Bali with the number that must increase during the holiday season.

All parties predicted that domestic tourists will be more visiting Bali after working hardly along the year to enjoy their holiday and they certainly will need Balinese crafts for personal collection and souvenirs for relatives and friends who never been to Bali.

Made Sura, a Balinese crafts seller in Sukawati, has concern that although more Indonesian people coming to Bali, shops selling crafts in this traditional market will get a small number of visitor since government already issued permit for Balinese souvenirs stores spread in various strategic locations.

However, small merchants expected that they get some customers or visited by tourists mostly coming from big cities in Java, as Balinese craftsmen have prepared unique crafts early to welcome school holiday.

He and his regular craftsmen in welcoming school holiday will produce various shapes and sizes of goods, that is suitable for Balinese souvenirs or gifts for friends who never been enjoying holiday in Bali.

The price of Balinese souvenirs produced is relatively affordable, such as necklaces, bracelets, brooch and belts made based on young people taste. Besides, they also make shells frame, photo album, purse and hand phone case, which is craft of Balinese craftsmen that is unique and creative.

Various Balinese crafts for a long time have become attraction for Indonesian and world community, even it is ordered in a large number to be resold after it arrives in their country, because around five from hundred foreign tourists having vacation in Bali are businessmen.

Therefore, no wonder that Balinese crafts fill in export market. Certainly, more domestic tourists will be coming on holiday season, so craftsmen and small businessmen occupying arts market as well as tourist objects must be able to compete with large-scale businessmen that get permit of selling Balinese souvenirs spreading in various strategic locations.

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