Costumary Village Requested To Monitor Trash Disposal

Customary villages in Jembrana Regency, are requested to also monitor trash disposal, that is still inconsiderate so that it pollutes the environment.

“We invite public figures and customary villages, because usually the community are more frightened to customary law, compared to various prohibition boards that we’ve installed,” said Jembrana Regent, I Putu Artha, when carried out mass clean up with staffs of regional government at Perancak Beach, in celebrating the World Environment day, on Friday.

He said that he had installed banners with appeal not to throw trash in random places, but not many are obeyed.

“Even, in some locations where the probation board is installed, many people still throw trash there. To keep the environment clean is not only government duty, but also all people including customary village,” he said.

Special for coastal area, the participation of local people as well as customary village care is very important to keep its cleanliness, because Hindus often held ceremony in beach.

“If the beach is clean, the ceremony held will be more comfortable and peaceful. If local people and customary village cooperate, I am sure the beach will be clean,” he said.

In addition to cleaning up the beach, regional government of Jembrana also held Competition of Environment Caring Village, which according to the Environment, Cleanliness and Garden Office Head, the first winner is Mendoyo Dangin Tukad Customary Village.

“With this competition, we expect that the role of customary related to environment cleanliness will be greater,” he said.

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