JIS Principal, Kindergarten Teacher Questioned Over Sexual Abuse Charges


The Jakarta International School (JIS) Principal Timothy Carr and the school’s kindergarten teacher, Murphy, were questioned by police investigators here on Tuesday in connection with the sexual assault case.

They were accompanied by Counselor of the US Embassy in Jakarta for Consular Affairs Thurmond H. Borden.

Borden notified journalists that he had the right to accompany and witness the Jakarta metropolitan police investigators question a US citizen to ensure that he or she got fair treatment, and the process was carried out as ruled by the law.

He further denied that his presence in the questioning session of Murphy was an intervention in the Indonesian police investigation, arguing that accompanying a US citizen involved in a legal case was valid.

Borden, however, was reluctant to respond to a question about Murphy’s alleged involvement in the sexual assault case involving a six-year-old kindergarten student at the JIS.

Four JIS teachers were allegedly involved in the sexual assault case, and the police have requested the Jakarta immigration office to prevent them from leaving the country.

Besides them, the Jakarta police have also named other suspects identified as Agun, Awan, Zainal, Syahrial, and a woman with the initials AS. Another suspect named Azwar had committed suicide during police custody.

The suspects were cleaning service workers who were not permanent employees of the school. They allegedly abused AK, the ill-fated kindergarten student, in a toilet of the school, he noted.

In addition to the AK case, the Jakarta police had also received another report of a sexual assault involving a kindergarten student identified as DA at the school.

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