Police Arrest Sea Sand Thief


Officers of Mendoyo Police, Jembrana Regency, arrested sea sand thief while doing his action in Yehembang Village Beach, on Wednesday.

“We caught the perpetrator while bringing sea sand onto the truck, by involving a number of workers,” said Mendoyo police chief, Commissioner Wayan Sinaryasa. He said that the perpetrator with initials MW is known to be disobedient, although local residents had protested the actions that he did.

“He often used to store the dredged sand near the residents house that is considered disturbing. We can capture the action, also due to reports from angry residents. The residents are also worried that the sea sand trucks often pass could damage the road at the location,” he said.

He admitted that after getting reports from the residents, he sent a number of Mendoyo Police officers to observe directly into the location.

At the location, he said, when saw the perpetrator carried the sand onto the truck, the police immediately arrested him.

“The perpetrator and any evidence that is the truck used to transport sand, we secured to the police station,” he said.

Despite successfully caught the perpetrator, he said, the perpetrator shall be subject to report twice a week, as well as making a statement that he will not repeat the offense.

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