Singaporean Found Dead Suspected Suicide


A tourist from Singapore, Chuan Kok Leong (51), was found dead in his room at Villa Mahagiri, Sanur, Denpasar, the victim was suspected committing for suicide.

“He is suspected committing for suicide because we found some drugs and foam came out of his mouth,” said Chief of South Denpasar Police, Commissioner Nanang Pri Hasmoko, on Thursday.

While the other victim, Luo Yuesha (24), that is believed to be the friend of the victim is still on intensive treatment at Sanglah Hospital.

According to Nanang Pri Hasmoko, they were discovered by one of the villa local staffs on Thursday around 12:00 pm at their room and one of them already died.

“We found some drugs mixed with other drugs,” he added.

In addition, he said, the alleged cause of death due to suicide also obtained from witnesses who are employees of the villa, which is located at Sanur.

From the statement of the villa staff, Nanang continued, stating that the Luo’s family was called the villa and asked to check the condition of both of the guests as they had sent an email telling that they wanted to end their life on the island.

“The villa had received a call from the victim’s family that she would end her life in Bali. So they want to check the condition because they were worried,” he said.

The villa then reported the incident to the police. Identification team was finally brought the victims to the hospital in Denpasar.

The police did not find any sign of violence on both bodies.

The body of a Singaporean citizen, Chuan Kok Leong, already underwent autopsy at Sanglah General Hospital, and there was no sign of violence.

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