Tourism Practitioner Worries South Kuta Becomes Mineral Business Area


The tourism practitioners in Bali worry that South Kuta, Badung Regency, will becomes non-metal Mineral Business Area (WUP) so it will bring impact to tourism environment in the area.

“There is an opportunity of mining in South Kuta must be balanced with a good monitoring from the government including conducting reclamation for environment preservation,” said a tourism practitioner from Kuta, Graha Wicaksana in Mangupura, on Thursday.

He said that the high frequency of lime stone mining in South Kuta Area cause the high need of soil for construction base, in fact Kuta area is a tourism center that is popular to International community.

It is started with the effort of Badung Department of Manufacture that again has consultation about the determination of mining area so that South Kuta can be accommodated as a mining area.

“Therefore, it can be a concern for tourism group if it is done,” he said.

Graha Wicaksana added that to make there is no violation of space layout, he expected that government appeal to do synchronization between Mining Business Permit and Space Layout Plan (RTRW) and Space Layout Detail Plan (RDTR).

“Technically, related to the mining material transport also must be cared about so that there is no new problem after the traffic congestion in South Kuta,” he said.

Besides, the mining material in the form of lime soil and stones also must be monitored for its movement so it doesn’t cause another new problem. “Like used for covering productive lands outside the area of South Badung,” he said.

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