Australian PM Inaugurates Art Exhibition about Bali Island in Canberra

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott opened an art exhibition titled “Bali: The Island of Gods” held at the National Gallery of Australia (NGA) in Canberra on Wednesday night (June 18).

This information was part of a press statement released by the Indonesian Embassy in Australia.

The exhibition featured several artistic creations, such as sculptures, paintings, and textiles inspired by the Balinese culture. Among the participants attending the opening of the exhibition were Australian government officials, diplomats, academicians, and the local people.

During his speech at the opening of the art exhibition in Canberra, Indonesian Ambassador to Australia Nadjib Riphat Kesoema stated that although Bali was already popular among Australians, the exhibition will further showcase the amazing diversity of Balinese culture and art to the visitors.

The ambassador remarked that Bali was the perfect example of the Indonesian people’s warmth, openness, and tolerance towards the people of other countries. Even though Bali was flocked by foreign tourists every year, the Balinese still managed to maintain their traditional values.

Nadjib expressed hope that the Canberra exhibition will help to build an understanding between the people of Indonesia and Australia.

Indonesia and Australia had its own economic, social, and cultural interests. But, as neighbors, both countries should work together for the benefit of its people, Nadjib emphasized.

Meanwhile, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott during his speech at the exhibition highlighted the importance of relations between the two nations. He believed that the exhibition can be one of the ways for the Australians to get a glimpse of the “soul” of Indonesia.

The prime minister also stated that Indonesia and Australia had strong bilateral relations, and the people from both countries should focus on maintaining those ties instead of other issues.

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