Bali Police Confiscated 14 Kilograms of Marijuana during Raid


Denpasar police confiscated 14 kilograms of marijuana during a raid in Batubulan village, Gianyar district, recently, Deputy Chief of Denpasar Police Adjunct Commissioner Nyoman Artana said on Thursday.

“We have arrested three people, namely OC, 31 years old, FKK, 55, and AS, 33, regarding this case, and two of them are repeat criminals,” Nyoman said.

He explained that before the raid, the police received information that suspect OC would leave from Jakarta to travel to Bali to sell marijuana. The police then trailed and arrested OC, charging him with possession of 47.45 grams of marijuana.

From OC the police obtained information about his two partners, FKK and AS, who were living in a rented house in Batubulan village, Gianyar district, Bali.

During the raid at the Gianyar house, police found a large amount of marijuana, which had been separated into small packages. The police also found a scale and a bong for smoking inside the house.

All three suspects were detained at Denpasar police office. They were charged with violating Regulation Number 35/2009 about anti-narcotics, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in jail.

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