Governor of Bali Worries about the Narrowing of Lake Buyan


Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika deeply concerned about damage to the environment and the narrowing of Lake Buyan in Buleleng so it needs immediate action to address these issues.

“Lake Buyan getting narrower, I think because there are deliberate factors to use it bits by bits for agriculture,” he said on the sidelines of leading a coordination meeting of infrastructure planning activities in 2015, in Denpasar, on Thursday.

According to him, the narrowing and silting of Lake Buyan also because people change the type of plants on plantations around the lake from coffee into flowers and vegetables.

As a result, when it is raining, the soil will easily slide into the lake so that it accelerates the process of sedimentation or siltation.

“Buyan condition is terrible. My prediction is later about 20-25 years from now it could run out of water so that from now on we must take action,” said Pastika.

He said that he is okay when to perform the initial handling of Lake Buyan should use Bali Province budget. He wanted one of the lakes in Buleleng Regency get its initial wide back.

Pastika also asked Bali Penida River Area Agency also consider the condition of the other lakes in Bali such as Lake Tamblingan, Beratan, and Batur and put priority to environmental improvement in Lake Buyan.

“On the other hand, the water critical areas should be a priority because water is necessary and directly affect the public welfare. If there are areas having water shortages, the people will be poor. Therefore development in the prosperous area should be put aside first, “he said.

The former chief of Bali police highlighted the state budget allocation is directed for slum environment quality improvement around Rp20 billion a year.

He believed that the fund is more appropriate to be used to create ponds that can help people in the drought area to have access to clean water.

Meanwhile, Head of Working Unit of Bali Penida River Area Agency, Ketut Jayada, said that the availability of water on the island is very short, it is only 0.09 billion cubic, whereas the total water demand reach 1.37 billion cubic.

“The water demand of 1.37 billion cubic consisted of 1.005 billion cubic for irrigation water, 0.325 billion cubic for domestic needs and nondomestic 0.04 billion cubic,” he said.

On the other hand, the actual total water potential in Bali as much as 7.7 billion cubic consisting of 6.55 billion cubic surface water, 0.73 billion cubic spring water and 0.29 billion cubic groundwater. It just needs infrastructure to drain it.

“As for the issue of saving the lake environment, it has become our study topic as well,” said Jayada.

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