Regional Regulation of Green Line Burdens Badung Residents


Badung United Forum (FBB) considered Regional Regulation on the Green Line in Badung, Bali, burdens local communities because many green belt roads built on the rice fields.

“Strangely the owners use their rice fields that included in the green line is charged with violating the regulation and could be subject to sanctions in accordance with the regulation,” said Chairman of FBB, Nyoman Sentana, on Wednesday.

He appreciated the regulation, but instead the green belt isn’t on the land owned by the local government but most are on the public property.

To suppress violation of regulation, Sentana suggested the government to provide compensation to the land owners, either in the form of subsidies, tax exemption, as well as land swap or other ways that provide a sense of justice.

“If Badung government did not dare do that, then it is not entitled to fence off the people rice fields by imposing a green belt regulation. If the government continues to do so it means that government violates the rights of people,” he said.

“Therefore, before set it into a green belt area, the government is advised to consult with land owners,” he said.

Sentana added that the government has been doing a lot of green belt regulations because there are a lot of office buildings in the green area that are still very productive.

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