Trash Problem in Bali Becomes International Concern


The 2013 Miss Earth Indonesia, Nita Sofiani, said that trash problems in Bali seem to continue to be an international concern.

“This should make us all very worried because in March 2014 the Huffington Post published an article entitled ‘Why you should take Bali off your bouquet list’ that highlights the increasing amount of trash on the famous beaches on the island and this situation is regarded as an environmental disaster,” she said at the “Bali`s Big Eco Weekend 2014” in Kuta on Saturday.

Nita Sofiani helped spreading awareness in Indonesia on the situation faced by the island. “As an Indonesian, we are proud to have Bali and we enjoy what is offered by this island. Therefore we have a responsibility to its image in the eyes of the world to keep them clean,” she said.

Nita Sofiani accompanied by Miss Earth Eco Tourism 2013 Yossico Stephanie rolled up their sleeves to pick up garbage at Padma Beach, Legian, with thousands of visitors.

The annual environment festival is held back for the seventh time in an attempt to open the eyes of local people and tourists about the waste problem threatening the island.

A number of world renowned surfers like Mark Richards, Jake Paterson, Craig Anderson, Matt Hoy, Freddy Patacchia, Sally Fitzgibbon, Kalea Moniz. Rosy Hodge and Bruna Schmitz were also participated in the event, with the hope to inspire surfers around the world who represent a large number of tourists in Bali.

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One Response to “Trash Problem in Bali Becomes International Concern”

  1. Paul Hjelvik Says:

    I am a Norwegian marred to a Balinese woman. I have been trying explain the garbage problem ad the impact it has to environment and the tourism ever sinse I came to the island in 1996. Unfortunately without great success even though I feel respected by the locals. After all these years I understand that the only way to sort the problem requires the following: A public garbage sollection/segregation system paralell with education from kindergarden/primary school level. Probably some sort of award system for not littering.
    It already works with bottles.