Governor of Bali Asks Society to Review President’s Decree on Sarbagita


Governor of Bali, Made Mangku Pastika, asked the society to review the President Decree Number 51 of 2014 about Sarbagita (Denpasar, Badung, Gianyar and Tabanan) Layout Plan so it doesn’t cause a long polemic.

“Let’s think about it carefully, don’t be emotional, review it properly,” he said after attending the flag ceremony to commemorate the 68thBhayangkara Day at Bali Police Headquarter, on Tuesday.

According to him, Benoa Bay area, Badung Regency, previously is a conservation area before the presidential decree issued on May 30, 2014, and now it is revised to be usage area.

“With the new President decree it becomes usage area due to the existing situation is already shallow. On low tide, mud and trash are visible so it must be revitalized,” said the former of Bali Police Chief.

The revitalization effort, he said, will be done by deepening the sea stream so that when the tide is rising and rainwater flows through, the water not leading to the upland around it.

In the area, he said, based on the feasibility study from six universities, stated that it is good to be used which one of them is by making a new small island like Venice.

“There will be a small island, will be as beautiful as in Venice,” he said.

From economic point of view, it will bring tax revenue for the Government, especially for the local regency, and provide employment opportunities for at least 20,000 people.

Pastika even stated that the utilization will not disturb customs, culture and religious aspects, as well as helping the environment.

He said that the area that will be used is about 300-400 hectare, while the rest will be a green sea-lane out of 700 hectares of the area.

In the President Decree, it is also mentioned that the Benoa Bay area is a P Zone that functions as public utilization area that is potential for marine, fishery, harbor, transportation, tourism, economic development, residential area, socio-culture and religion activities.

Pastika’s expectation to review it carefully related to the existence of the decree regarding polemics among the society that invites pros and cons.

People elements from Forum Rakyat Bali Tolak Reklamasi (ForBALI) rejected the president decree and asked Susilo Bambang Yudhoyonoto cancel the decree because it will destroy Bali by standing for investors with large capital.

Meanwhile, the other element from Forum Bali Harmoni support the president decree because the arrangement of Benoa Bay will improve the people welfare.

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