Tabanan Government Encourages Processing Coconut Shell into Briquettes

Government of Tabanan Regency, Bali, encouraged its people to process coconut shells into charcoal briquettes that can increase the income, especially in Tanah Lot.

“This pile of young coconut shells trash can be processed into briquettes that have a selling value and can increase the income of the people in this Beraban village, Tabanan,” said Vice Regent of Tabanan, Komang Gede Sanjaya in Tabanan, on Wednesday.

He said that Tabanan regency already provided modern waste processing machine that can be used by people to process coconut shells into briquettes.

“The machine is used to process coconut shells waste, thereby reducing piles of waste at Tanah Lot area,” he said.

Gede Sanjaya added that before the idea of processing coconut shell into briquettes, the coconut garbage that has been consumed were scattered in the tourist area so it interfere the comfort of visitors.

However, after the idea of  processing coconut shells into briquettes, no more piles of coconut shells that littered the area.

Coconut shell briquette is one of alternative fuels made of coconut shell charcoal which is expected to be a substitute fuel that becomes people preference.

Tabanan regency government also gives appreciation to KORPRI Welfare Foundation and the Warmadewa University who took notice of processing coconut shell trash so that they can be processed into briquettes.

According to him, the object of Tanah Lot is a world tourist destination so its cleanliness and beauty must be maintained so that the tourists who visit feel comfortable.

Gede Sanjaya urged all visitors of Tanah Lot area not to litter the place. “It should be awareness of visitorsto together maintain the cleanliness of the environment,” he said.

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