Dozen Hectares of Rice Fields Threaten by Abrasion


Dozens of hectares of rice fields inYehembang village, Jembrana, including houses are threatened by abrasion, because the construction of coastal protection walls are not evenly distributed.

“On the East and West coast the breakwater embankment has been built, but the middle section with a length of about 200 meters has not been built. At that middle part, it was eroded by great abrasion,” said Wayan Jana, one local resident, on Monday.

According to him, it threats dozens hectares of rice fields, houses and village roads in Pasar hamlet, soon will be gone.

In addition to securing the coast, he said, the construction of the breakwater embankment evenly in the region could also bring troublesome to sea sand thieves.

“So far the thieves of sand go down to the beach, through the location that has not been protected yet. In fact they make a way, so that the truck can be up on the beach,” he said.

Meanwhile, Cita Nirmala Sari Hamlet, Yehembang Village, Jembrana created awig-awig or custom rules, to counter act the rampant sand theft in the region.

“In the custom rules, anyone who took the sea sand for commercial purposes, or sell it will be subjected to a fine of 5 million,” said the traditional authority of Cita Nirmala Sari Hamlet, I Wayan Jana.

He said that this customary rule is an agreement in a meeting of indigenous elders, on Sunday (29/6) night, which its endorsement is also approved by residents with putting their signature.

“The villagers also sign this rule, so it can be effective to reduce theft of sea sand,” he said.

Once confirmed or validated, the custom rules will be forwarded to the Chief of the Yehembang Customary Village, Yehembang village Head, including the police, to facilitate enforcement if there is a violation.

To counteract sea sand theft offenders, residents also agree to close the access road to the beach, which has been passed by the offenders’ vehicle.

“The road to the beach was also made by the offenders, so that the truck can go down to the beach. We will plant trees on the road,” he said.

Mendoyo police chief, Commissioner Wayan Sinaryasa said that it is ready to assist the customary village for applying the rule, because it is positive to preserve the environment.

“We are ready to assist and secure, but of course the decision related to penalty is absolutely on the customs,” he said.

While Yehembang Village Head, I Made Semadi, hoped that all residents comply with the customary rules, to keep the coastal environment from increasingly severe abrasion.

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