Election Commission Bali Set 2,9mln Voters in Final List for Presidential Election


Bali Provincial Election Commission set the final voters list (DPT) in the province on July 9, 2014 presidential election as many as 2,942,282 voters.

“The number of voters increases by 6,047 people compared with current DPT on April 9 2014 legislative election,” said Chairman of the Bali Provincial Election Commission, Dewa Raka Kade Wiarsa Sandi, in Denpasar, on Wednesday.

In the legislative election, the number of DPT was 2,936,235 people. According to him, there is an increase in the number of voters for the presidential election due to the additional number of voters who will be 17 years old on July 9 and members of the military and police who are retired.

From 2,942,282 voters specified in the Presidential Election DPT, they are divided into 1,460,080 men and 1,482,202 women voters, spread across nine regecies/ city in Bali.

Most voters are 537,103 people in Buleleng Regency and Klungkung has the smallest number as many as 153,724 voters. While voters in seven regencies/ city namely Badung Regency (346,208), Bangli (180,742), Gianyar (359,116), Jembrana (222,732), Karangasem (379,983), Denpasar (409,374) and Tabanan (353,300).

“Although the number of voters in the presidential election increasing, but there is a reduction of 2,156 polling station (TPS) than on the legislative election. If on the current legislative election, the total of 8,095 polling stations, while in the presidential election later it becomes 5, 939 TPS,” he said.

Raka Sandi added that the shrinking number of polling stations due to a change in the rules at each polling station for a maximum of 800 voters, while on the legislative election the maximum is 500 voters.

Although DPT has been set, he said, there is still a possibility of increasing number of voters because there is mechanism of entry of voters scattered through the special voters list that will be established in the Bali Commission on the seven days before the voting or July 2, 2014.

“The bottom line is the voter who is eligible to vote their right to vote should be guaranteed because the election is a manifestation of the people sovereignty. Therefore, we expect the voters’ data is comprehensive, accurate and up to date,” said Raka Sandi.

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