Police Arrests Mutilation Suspect


Police officer finally arrested the mutilation murder suspect at Klungkung regency. The suspect admitted the crime he had done.

The mutilation perpetrator, Fikri (26), demonstrated161 scenes of the violent murder of his mistress, Diana Sari (22), both is from the West Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara Province, and throwing pieces of the victim’s body at 13 crime scenes scattered in Klungkung and Karangasem regency, Bali.

Reconstruction of the case is under the direction and supervision of Klungkung Police officers and the District Prosecution Office. In the victim’s boarding house at Jalan Kenyeri IX, Semarapura, Klungkung, the perpetrator demonstrated 148 scenes of mutilation, while the remaining occurred at the disposal location of the victim’s body parts.

In the reconstruction, the perpetrator who was married to a Balinese and has a child and worked as a driver in the Religion Court of Klungkung Regency demonstrated how he killed the victim by stabbing the victim’s neck and cut off her head and then placed it on top of the toilet.

Meanwhile, Klungkung Police Chief, Adjunct Commissioner Ni Wayan Sri Yudatni Wirawati, admitted that some pieces of the victim’s body have not been found. “There are some locations mentioned by the perpetrator, but no pieces of the victim’s body was found,” she said.

She will ask for DNA test results to ensure that the victim is one person.

Vice Regent of Klungkung, Made Kasta, took time to visit the location of reconstruction. “We hope that this case is the last. We also remind owners of the boarding house for not carelessly accept any tenant,” he said.

The perpetrator will be examined on his mental state as well as undergoes urine test to identify any addictive substance content in his body.

“The perpetrator needs to undergo mental test as he is currently committing sadistic action but looks calm,” said Chief of Criminal Investigation Unit of Klungkung Police, Assistant Commissioner Nyoman Wirajaya, in Semarapura.

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