Australian Man Found Hanging in His Bali Home


An Australian man was found hanging in his house in Dalung residence of Badung District, Bali, on Saturday.

Thomas Rick Michael (34) was found lifeless by his wife Restu Wilujeng at 7.39 am local time in their rented house in Banjar Dukuh, Dalung Village, North Kuta, Badung District.

The couple was watching television from 9.30 pm local time on Friday, July 4, according to Restu Wilujeng.

Then Wilujeng went to the bedroom leaving Michael alone on the couch in front of the television set, where he finally fell asleep.

On Saturday Morning, Wilujeng did not find Michael on the couch, and went looking for him in the entire house. She found his body hanging in the backyard of their home.

Wilujeng immediately called her relative for help.

Michael was undergoing psychiatric therapy in Denpasar for his depression, which he had been suffering from for a long time before marrying Wilujeng.

They had rented the house in Dalung residence two years ago and lived there with their son. One of the daily activities of her husband’s was surfing on the beach in Bali, Wilujeng said.

Based on preliminary investigations, there were no signs of violence on the victim’s body. The police personnel found a letter of apology and love addressed to his wife Wilujeng, his son and his mother, written in English.

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One Response to “Australian Man Found Hanging in His Bali Home”

  1. Rahman Mehraby Says:

    It’s a sad story that makes everyone unhappy. Life doesn’t change unless you change it from within. I’m sure Bali is a great place for relaxation and peace, but real peace comes from within.

    It seems that the only cause could have been his own frustration.