Bali Gov Hopes Elected President to Pay Attention on Security in Bali


Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika asked the elected president candidate in the 2014 presidential election to continue to pay attention to security aspects on the island so that tourism in the region continues to run well.

According to Mangku Pastika, Bali depending on the service sector, especially tourism and agriculture, is particularly vulnerable to security problems.

“For example pickpocket, robbery, and harassment, it is already a problem. Yet another spread of diseases such as rabies, MERS-CoV, and so on have hindered our tourism,” he said.

In essence, the former Bali police chief said that the issue of security and safety on the island becomes the main thing that must be considered and is expected to become the focus of national leader in the next five years.

In addition, Pastika also expected that the elected president candidate can contribute to maintain the agricultural sector in Bali. With an area of the island that is relatively small, it is necessary to maintain its sustainability alignment in the agricultural sector is needed.

On that occasion, Pastika voted wearing white Balinese traditional clothing, combined with the light green fabric. Likewise, his wife, Ayu Pastika also wore light green traditional Balinese dress.

In the TPS 10, there are 549 registered voters in the voters list (DPT). After voting, Pastika had time to monitor a number of polling stations around Denpasar like TPS 9 BanjarTembau Kaja.

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