Joko Widodo – Jusuf Kalla Win Indonesia’s 2014 Presidential Election


Presidential candidate Joko “Jokowi” Widodo and his running mate Jusuf Kalla “JK” have won Indonesia’s 2014 presidential election as announced by the General Election Commission (KPU) here on Tuesday night.

Jokowi-JK has secured 70,990,832 votes or 53.15 percent of the total 133,567,276 of the national valid votes.

While his rival, Prabowo Subianto and his running mate Hatta Rajasa, have received 62,576,444 votes or 46.85 percent.

KPU was mandated by constitution to officially announce the election result on July 22, 2014.

The elected president and vice president, Joko Widodo and Jusuf Kalla, will be inaugurated on October 20, 2014, before serving a five-year term.

Jokowi is Jakarta’s governor and a cadre of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP), and JK is a former vice president, businessman, and a senior politician of the Golkar Party.

JK is a former vice president in 2004-2009 period and ongoing chairman of Indonesian Red Cross and Indonesian Mosque Council.

Meanwhile, Presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto has earlier refused the presidential election process saying that there had been massive electoral frauds during the election day.

“We are using our constitutional rights, namely refusing the convening of the 2014 presidential election. In connection with this, we withdraw from the process,” he read a political statement broadcast live by various television stations.

Prabowo said he did not want to sacrifice the people’s mandate in a presidential election with frauds.

“However, we call on the people to remain calm. Trust us that we are not going to remain silent with the unfair democracy,” he said.

Prabowo further asked the witnesses of his camp attending the vote recapitulation process, organized by the General Election Commission (KPU) to leave the meeting venue.

However, Prabowo again asked his supporters to remain calm. He also promised to fight by respecting law and would not use violence.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono closely observes the security situation in Indonesia on Tuesday as the KPU held its plenary session to decide the winner of 2014 presidential election.

The Head of State said this year’s legislative and presidential elections are a test of Indonesia’s democratic maturity.

“Over the past and subsequent three months, the Indonesian nation is being tested again. The test is whether the power transition and democratic consolidation that have been implemented well, can be maintained, rather than the contrary, a disturbance or regress occurring,” he said on Monday.

Since 2004, Indonesia has implemented three direct and democratic general elections that ran peacefully and smoothly. The people hoped that peace can be maintained, he said.

The elected president and vice president, Joko Widodo and Jusuf Kalla, will be inaugurated on October 20, 2014.

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