Legislator Asks Local Government to Firmly Enforce Spatial Layout Plan Regulation


Vice Chairman of Commission I DPRD Bali, Gusti Putu Widjera, asked the provincial, regional and city government to strictly enforce the Provincial Spatial Layout Plan (RTRWP) regulation for the construction of hotels and similar types of accommodation that violate beach line.

“Local governments should be firm to investors that violate these rules. We do need investors to invest in Bali, but if they break the rules we must take action,” he said in Denpasar on Friday.

He said that in the Regional Regulation regarding RTRWP Bali it has described the requirements to build tourism-supporting facilities.

Widjera hoped local government to conduct a study and to check the location in which it will be built.

“The authorities need to check the location whether the intended location is right or not. If it’s against the rules, even though they already built something, the officers must have the courage to do demolition, tolerance should not be given again,” said the Democratic Party politician.

He said if the tolerance continued to be given for violations committed by the investor, then Bali as a tourist destination will slowly lose its beauty.

“We have investors who come to Bali that will definitely targeting the strategic areas to build tourism supporting facilities, such as the beach, by the sea, rice fields and hills,” he said.

That sort of thing, he said, local governments should be more observant in giving out building permits and other permits in an effort to enforce the RTRWP Bali regulation.

“All parties we expect to think about the sustainability of Bali. If it continues to be the development of facilities and there are no restrictions, we worried Bali would be to many tourism facilities and it brings an impact on the economy of the island, where price competition among hotels will happen,” he said.

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