Mangrove Forest in Nusa Lembongan Dredged Up


A number of mangrove forests in Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida Island Klungkung regency, Bali is dredged using heavy equipment for the location of the boat dock without obtaining a license from the relevant agency.

Klungkung Regent, Suwirta, who returned to his hometown to Ceningan Island, Nusa Penida, on Sunday, found heavy equipment of Excavator type in the sea near the fishing boat was dredging, which damage the existence of mangrove forests.

Head of Public Relations and Protocol Division of Klungkung regency, Wayan Parna accompanying Suwirta approached the place and saw the mangrove forests including protected forests were dredged.

He said that, if the citizens who want to build or open a business should first seek permission from the relevant authorities.

For the mangrove forestland dredged using heavy equipment, the Regent Suwirta asked the landowner, Made Senaya, to stop until having a permit.

The decisive action taken by the Regents Suwirta against Made Senaya to stop the dredging activity due to he is worry if people do the same thing and it will damage the surrounding environment.

Head of Public Relations Wayan Parna explained, mangrove forest owner claimed that the dredging was done to make motor boat dock.

Head of Jungut Batu, I Made Gede Suryawan, said that he was contacted by Regent Suwirta asking the landowner to stop dredging in the mangrove forest that included as a protected area.

“I was contacted by the regent who happened to be in Sanur, Denpasar to say that the land owner has to temporarily stop the dredging activity before getting any permission,” he said.

He explained that the dredged area is lolohan for the access for the passenger boat located in Banjar Klatak, Kanginan Hamlet, Jungut Batu.

Lolohan has been used a long time as an access for passenger boat. Dredging is done due to the shallowing so that the access is not so smooth and the dredging not to damage the surrounding mangrove forest.

The process of dredging had been done since last month including the permit, said Head of Jungut Batu, I Made Gede Suryawan.

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