Narcotics Agency of Bali Vigilant towards New Type of Drugs


National Narcotics Agency (BNN) of Bali Province is vigilant of new type of synthetic drugs discovery in the form of powder and liquid as many as 261 types developing rapidly in Indonesia.

“In Indonesia there are 261 new types of drugs found. However, in Bali itself, there are two new types found, they are japa-japa, which is similar to marijuana, and chatinone, which is similar to meth,” said the Head of Prevention Division of BNN Bali, Ketut Adi Lisdiani in Denpasar, on Saturday.

She said that, from 261 new types of synthetic drugs in Indonesia there are 26 types have been found, they are two types of Synthetic Cannabinoids, Synthetic Chatinones (7), Phenetylamines (9), Piperazines (3), Plant-based substances (2), Ketamine (2) and Miscellaneous (1).

“Most of the new synthetic drugs are powder, while ketamine and miscellaneous are liquid,” she said.

With the discovery of new types of drugs, alertness must be increased so that young generation is protected in order not to use those illicit goods.

“Moreover, the drugs sale is targeting all groups of people,” she said.

She said that Balinese young generation must be protected through norms and religion education, so that they don’t use drugs.

“There is possibility that drugs enter and poison young generation,” she said.

Ketut Adi emphasized that the effort to protect young generation from drugs must begin from the family. “Attention from parents to their children is very important especially to know their daily activities and with whom their children socialize,” she said.

Besides, she hoped that there should be collaboration of all elements of the society to be courageous to report if they find any suspicious action such as drugs transaction and use.

“If it is done, then it won’t spread to the community,” she said.

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