Pastika Demands Titab Reservoir to be developed as Tourism Attraction


Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika wanted Titab Reservoir in Buleleng Regency can be developed as tourism object with the addition of periodic appearance of attractions.

Pastika, on the sidelines of his visit to the reservoir in Singaraja, on Thursday said that addition tourist attractions and cultural performances will certainly make the reservoir very interesting, especially the surrounding natural scenery is very beautiful with a wide area of the reservoir in excess of Lake Buyan.

“The development of water tourism, fisheries and others in the reservoir will be a source of income for the surrounding community and will be able to provide welfare to the people of Buleleng,” he said.

According to him, in addition to its primary purpose as a source of irrigation to irrigate about 1,794, 82 hectares of rice fields in the area of Saba and Ularang, Buleleng, it is also expected as a source of raw water for clean water, a source of electrical energy, and a tourist attraction in the Northern regency in Bali.

Electricity generated from micro hydro, he added, reaching 1.5 MW that is expected to save the electricity generated by the other power plant, and would be enough to light up Busungbiu district, Buleleng and surrounding areas.

The reservoir, which has an area of 68 hectares, with a capacity of 12 million cubic meters, is targeted to operate in early 2015.

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