Bali Corruption Watch Encourages Society to Do Anti-Corruption Movement


Chairman of Bali Corruption Watch (BCW) Putu Virata Dwikora pushing elements of society to do anti-corruption movement.

“Corruption can be prevented and eradicated if all people concerned and ready to be anti-corruption. Society must dare to speak the truth and honesty as well as report on the actions of persons suspected doing corruption,” he said at a national seminar on “New Perspectives of Law Enforcement Corruption” in Bali, in Denpasar on Friday.

According to him, issues and democracy agenda has taken over recently, controlled, and manipulated by the elite. The result is a fraud. As shown on few facts, among others, democratic institutions still not in proper function.

Likewise, the judiciary becomes a fortress of protection for politicians of corruption and human rights violations. In addition, political corruption is still unresolved, even rampant.

To him, the movement of the generation of public awareness must be demonstrated by doing real action, although the movement was sometimes face serious problems, such as the exclusion of mainstream of elitist democracy projects.

“Overall this situation creates what is often referred to as the democratic deficit. Though these symptoms occur everywhere universally, but the situation in Indonesia is much more complicated because the challenges are very complex,” he said.

He said the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) of Indonesia from 2001 moved very slowly compared with other countries in the world. That’s because almost all components, both officers of government, and the parliament do corruption.

“That problem causes slow movement for GPA in Indonesia. If corruption can be eradicated completely condition of the country would have been better because of the natural wealth of Indonesia is very rich,” he said.

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