Bali to Hold Sanur Village Festival, Showcases Culture, Heritage and Innate Beauty


The Sanur Village Festival (SVF) scheduled to be held on August 20-24, 2014, will feature traditional art and cultural performances and sports activities, Sanur Development Foundation (YPS) Chairperson Ida Bagus Gde Sidhartha recently stated here.

Sidhartha elaborated that the festival has been held for the past nine years and has become an annual event that attracts local, domestic, and foreign tourists across the world.

The festival showcases the tourist attractions of Sanur village, Denpasar, Bali. The cultural attraction becomes increasingly creative by the involvement of the Sanur villagers to promote their own tourism potential.

According to him, the motivation to preserve Sanur’s heritage through the framework of the cultural festival is commendable.

Sidhartha remarked that the cultural art activities that sustain Sanur’s tourism are strengthened by the villagers’ concern for environmental sustainability, and hence, it is the key reason behind the continuity of the festival every year.

He added that this event is the Sanur villagers’ celebration to improve the potential of their natural resources, art and culture, social dynamics, and their creativity.

The SVF was an initiative by the villagers who wanted to play an active role in recovering Bali’s tourism industry after the Bali Bombing occurred in 2005.

Sanur is a coastal stretch of beach located in Denpasar city and is about 30 minutes’ drive from the Ngurah Rai International Airport. It has a beautiful coastline offering panoramic views besides the highest mountain in Bali, Gunung Agung (the great mountain).

The tourist attractions in Sanur are those related to its coastal potential. It has built a unique traditional and cultural heritage along the coastline. The villagers’ social life stands testament to the fact that they have unified nature and culture.

Sanur is a pioneer in promoting tourism in Bali. Any motion cannot be separated by the spirit to preserve the traditions, which have been inherited from the ancestors. The SVF offers art and cultural performances, culinary, sports, community’s creativity, and ecotourism. The tourists can avail various activities such as yoga and water sports.

The ninth SVF themed “Morning of the World” emphasizes that Sanur is a representative of the world since it is an international tourism destination icon.

All visitors will be enthralled by the involvement of the locals in prayers and worship in everyday life. This social dynamics underlines the spirit of Sanur from dawn until dusk.

In addition, Sanur offers stunning natural landscapes, abundant sunshine, and undulating waves along the coastal line.

With all these natural resources and the traditional art heritage, the SVF has become one of Bali’s primary tourism events every year, Sidhartha added.

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