Gianyar Regency Government Urged to Regulate Ubud Parking


Bali Provincial Parliament Member Cokorda Gede Asmara Putra Sukawati, urged Gianyar Regency Government to curb the parking lot in Ubud to reduce traffic jam.

“The government should start making arrangements for travelers’ vehicle parking in Ubud which is increasing in the region,” he said in Denpasar on Wednesday.

According to him, it is necessary to find a way out to accommodate vehicles of tourists visiting Ubud. If there is no planning from now, then the next five years will experience total traffic jam.

“We have to learn from tourism object in Kuta, when the number of tourists exploding there must be traffic jams, though anticipated with shuttle bus in central park. However due to the parking of vehicles along Jalan Pantai Kuta cannot be moved then congestion also cannot be avoided, “he said.

Therefore, he said, the government should immediately find solutions related parking arrangements in the area of Ubud, so that domestic and foreign tourists feel comfortable visiting the tourist areas.

“It cannot be considered as a small problem because the volume of vehicles owned by residents each year increased, so the traffic is more congested,” said Democratic Party politician.

Cok Asmara Putra added that the opening of new roads in Bali is very difficult, because it is influenced by the difficulty of land acquisition and land prices continue to rise in Bali.

“Various factors also influence the occurrence of congestion in Bali. Besides the difficulty of finding a parking place in the tourist areas, like in Ubud. However if there is private parking lots are expected to obey the rules,” he said.

Indeed there is a discussion for stacking storey car park, he said, but must comply with the rules that already exist, such as multi-storey underground parking.

“If underground parking can be applied in Bali, it would be better. Because can accommodate more and will not interfere the natural scenery of Bali island,” he said.

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