Lake Batur Bangli Suffer Seven Meters Siltation


Lake Batur in Bangli Regency, one of the four lakes in Bali and included to the world heritage area (WBD) experiencing seven meters of silting, which makes the water began to flow to Trunyan, an ancient village on the shores.

“Local community leaders Jero Gede Alitan revealed it at a meeting of world cultural heritage management in Bali attended by Director General of Culture Prof. Kacung Marijan,” said Chairman of the Research Center Subak Udayana University Prof. Dr. Wayan Windia in Denpasar on Wednesday.

He said that the meeting which took place in the village of Wanasari, Tabanan Regency on Tuesday was also attended by the Director of Internalizing and Cultural Diplomacy Ministry of Education and Culture Dr. Diah.

Silting of Lake Batur which included in the area of Danu Batur Temple should be handled immediately, because the lake is a source of irrigation for the subak in East Bali and South East Bali.

Dr. Diah who chaired the meeting expected Jero Gede Alitan who was accompanied by Head of Culture Department of Bangli to immediately make a proposal to handle the silting of Lake Batur.

The siltation was predicted as Mount Batur is no longer green and sustainable, so that when it rains the soil washed into the lake and cause silting.

Therefore Bali Government and Government of Bangli regency is expected to immediately address the problem.

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