Living Healthy through Feng Shui

By S.BS. Surendran

Feng shui the oriental Art of space alignment has gained immense popularity as it is most often perceived to bring in new fortunes and luck in terms of wealth and career however one of the primary aspects of Feng Shui is to harmonize the space to usher in Good health to the occupants.

The different compass directions have a significance in the science of Feng Shui and each of them represents a specific life aspiration and support. The centre sector of a building or the room is considered very important in Feng shui as it represents the Health. This sector has a strong influence on the health of the building and in turn its occupants.

Classical Feng shui analysis says that  energy ( chi) flowing in a building gathers more towards the centre while originating from all the corners of the building, hence the centre sector is akin to the human heart which supports all the other human organs by ticking alive.

All our day to day activity and prosperity is dependent on how we feel mentally and physically or in other words the health condition. No achievement gives you joy and pleasure if you are feeling ill or unwell and none of the other aspirations in life get empowered no matter how strong the Feng Shui of these sectors are when health is on the downside.

The flow of energy ina building should  be without much obstacles and free flowing, however this is not always possible due to many factors. The Health sector which is the centre of a building does get afflicted when the energy  gets blocked and this causes frequent illness to the occupants.

Keeping the centre sector clean, free of clutter and well lit would be useful. Decorating the centre of the home to signify that it is the centre of the house, suspending faceted crystal lights or chandeliers, throwing in a rug or carpet on the floor preferably in shades of warmer colors would activate the energy of the centre grid.

One could enhance the centre sector of a building through décor and symbolism too:
• Peach signifies longevity, good health and happy married life, displaying images of peach or paintings at the centre of the home would help.
• Paintings or pictures of cranes with pine tree as background signifies peace, good health and happiness.
• Traditionally displaying the figurine of the three wise men as per oriental practice often referred to as Sau- Helath, Foo-Wealth and Lu- prosperity is said to imbue the sector with this kind of luck.

However the ultimate Feng shui charm of representing the 5 elements to balance the chi in the health area is considered very powerful. Place Bamboo stems (wood element) tied together with a red ribbon (fire element) and some Chinese coins (metal element) in a crystal vase containing water (water element) with few natural pebbles inside (earth element) towards the centre sector of your home to enhance the health luck.

Adapting simple time tested methods and symbolisms one could enhance the power of Feng Shui to activate good health luck and longevity.

S.BS. Surendran is an accredited master feng shui consultant, traditional vaastu practitioner and bio-energetician based in Bangalore, India. He can be contacted via

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