Local Cultures Are Excellence of Indonesian Fashion: Minister

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Mari Elka Pangestu said that the wealth of diverse local cultures should be used optimally for excellence and attractiveness of Indonesian handicraft and fashion.

“Utilization of local culture will make Indonesia famous for its uniqueness and excellence in the international fashion arena,” Mari Elka Pangestu said here on Tuesday.

Mari explained that Indonesia through collaboration of four ministries–Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Cooperatives and Small Medium Enterprises, and Ministry of Commerce–has made targets in stages and strategic steps to achieve the vision and mission as one of the centers of the fashion world in 2025.

To realize the mission, Mari noted that it must be supported by the availability of natural resources, creative human resources, and utilization of the wealth of diverse local cultures from Sabang to Merauke.

“Moreover, the fashion industry, which is one of the 15 subsectors of the creative industries, has contributed to Indonesia’s revenue up to Rp18,157 trillion, with an average growth in 2010 and 2013 amounting to 6.43 percent,” she pointed out.

The fashion industry has contributed to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) 28 percent or equivalent to Rp164 trillion, with 3,838,755 employees and average growth in the 2010-2013 period of 0.78 percent.

In addition, the fashion industry has also created business units about 1,107,955, with an average growth in the 2010-2013 period of 1.66 percent.

Based on data, it appears that the subsector in fashion, and the creative economy in general, had a strategic value in the economy of the country.

Creative economy has been resistant to crisis and is sustainable because creative economy driven by human resource using creative mindset will not end.

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