Nine Drug Dealers Arrested In Denpasar


Police Narcotics Investigation Unit Denpasar, Bali, within two weeks managed to arrest nine drug dealers which the main consumers are high school students and college students.

“Distribution of the drugs was conducted targeting students in Denpasar,” said Head of Denpasar Police Commissioner Djoko Hariutomo in Denpasar on Thursday.

According to him, the nine men were arrested in the period July 22, 2014 until August 6 2014.  They initial DT (33), ME (33), SG (30), YAN (38), AW (26), IL (36), BS (41), DW (26), and DC (34) in some different locations.

“There are some of them to be in one networking and some are not,” he added.

Police seized illicit goods of various kinds among ecstasy, hashish, and methamphetamine which have been wrapped into a package ready to send.

The largest amount of evidence obtained from suspects initials DT, a furniture company owner with 16,500 grains of illegal drugs.

“Our suspicions started after two weeks of stakeout where we found that many high school age students in and out from a furniture store in the evening. Having searched it is true they do drug deals,” he said.

He explained that one package contains 10 pills was sold for Rp20 thousand.

Of the nine suspects, one of whom was a foreign citizen, a Brazilian initials ME who was arrested at his lodgings in North Kuta on Thursday (24/7) with some evidence of hashish weighing 0.13 grams, one packs of marijuana (0.14 grams) as well as a means of scales and a bong straws.

“From the confession he admitted as a user. But there is possibility that he is a dealer as well because of the existence of the scale,” he said.

Djoko indicated that the spread of illicit goods through word of mouth, especially targeting the high school students and college students.

While the overall number of transactions for two weeks, the police estimated it reached Rp427 million.

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