Police Investigate Suspected Murderer of American in Bali


The South Kuta Resort Police has been interrogating Schaffer Tommy, 21, who was accused of murdering an American citizen, Sheila Von Weise, 64, in Bali.

“We had arrested Tommy in a hotel located in Kuta, Bali, at 08:30 a.m. on Wednesday,” the Chief of Denpasar Resort Police, Senior Commissioner Djoko Hariutomo, said here on Wednesday.

Police arrested Tommy along with his girlfriend, Heather Louis, 19, who is the daughter of the victim at a hotel in Kuta.

“The staff of the hotel had reported to the nearest police station about the accused after watching the news in the Internet,” Djoko noted.

Police had detained the accused at the South Kuta Sector Police office where the police had discovered the body inside a suitcase in a cab in front of St Regis Hotel of Nusa Dua.

Djoko stated that Tommy had not admitted to the crime. “Tommy claimed that some people had locked Weise in her room. According to Tommy, six people had brought machete and asked for money. However, police did not find any evidence to prove his testimony,” Djoko said.

Police have gathered several evidences, such as large suitcase and CCTV recording.

However, Tommy and Louis did not provide further information, as they were waiting for their lawyer.

Previously on Tuesday, August 12, the staff in St Regist Hotel had reported to a police officer after discovering a large suitcase containing dried blood inside a cab.

The suspects did not come back to the lobby, and they had put the suitcase inside the cab.

The hotel staff then handed over the cab to the South Kuta Sector Police, who found Weise’s body inside the suitcase.

Meanwhile, based on the examination of forensic Installation General Hospital Centre (Dr) Sanglah, had been found bruises on the back and face of the victim, in addition there was a broken nose as a result of blunt object.

Until this time the victim’s body was deposited at the mortuary Sanglah and still waiting for the autopsy request from the police.

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  1. Judi Says:

    YourMom spoiled you. Now, you and Tommy will learn respect!
    Your very best friend was your mother! A karma!