15 Foreign Prisoners Gets Remission


A total of 15 foreign prisoners in Penitentiary II Class-A Denpasar, Bali, get a general remission related to the 69th anniversary of Indonesia Independence Day.

“There are 15 foreign prisoners who received remission of to three months,” said Head of Class II-A LP Farid Junaedi Denpasar Kerobokan, Badung regency, on Sunday.

According to him, the majority of cases experienced by foreign inmates who get remission are the case of drugs.

Farid explained that foreign prisoners have the same rights as Indonesian prisoners.

“We hope that they feel the same way as Indonesian citizens in commemorating the Independence Day,” he said.

He explained that a number of conditions must be met for an inmate to cut the custody, such as the administration, undergo a minimum of six months in jail and good behavior.

15 foreign inmates is Leeza Tracey Ormsby from New Zealand received a remission of one month, Verchere Thierry Claude Joseph from France (2), Manuel Henrique Soares from East Timor (2), Yao Nori Yoshi from Japan (3), Osita Emmanuel Obummeme from Nigeria (2).

Besides there are also Bashir Gadafi Palikoko from Uganda (3), Rivombo Amudalat Remilekun from Nigeria (3), Marisa Gibson Castino from Philippines (3), Jip Jam Pasuk from Thailand (2), Tine Rasmussen from Denmark (3), Maria Cecilia Lopez Jusay from Philippines (2), Julian Anthony Ponder from England (3), Martin Robert Moller from Germany (3), Reindert Leopald from Netherlands (3) and Revaz Tolordava from Russia (3).

Kerobokan Prison has suggested 532 prisoners received a remission.

Currently, there are 885 inmates registered at the largest penitentiary in Bali, which this means the have exceeded the capacity of the 323 people.

Of that number as many as 58 inmates are prisoners are foreigners.

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