Cultural Ministry to Restore 15 Traditional Indonesian Houses

The Indonesian Cultural and Education Ministry will revitalize 15 traditional houses in five areas in a bid to save the local heritage and culture.

Cultural and Education Director General Kacung Marijan stated here on Tuesday, that the traditional houses were located in 15 villages in Bali Province, Sumba Island, Manggarai Island, Lombok Island, and West Java Province.

Kacung explained that the ministry has allocated Rp500 million to restore each traditional house and its surroundings.

The ministry had also begun restoration work on other traditional houses in Banten Kidul Kasepuhan Sinar Resmi Village in Sukabumi (West Java Province), Malapi Pabiring Village in Kapuas Hulu (West Kalimantan Province), Tongkonan Bamba Village in North Toraja (South Sulawesi Province), and Bondo Kodi Village, and Wailala Wainyapu Village in Southwest Sumba (East Nusa Tenggara Province).

The Ministry of Education and Culture had budgeted Rp3.5 billion to restore traditional houses in those four provinces.

The revitalization project was also aimed to support Indonesia’s initiative in the international architecture design competition titled “Citation of Excellent Architectural Design Reflecting East Asian Identity” to be held in Jakarta, on August 19-24.

“The initiative was put forward by Indonesia through a regional coordination meeting that was participated by ASEAN member countries, except Myanmar, and the plus-three countries: South Korea, Japan, and China,” Kacung noted.

The event also offers a forum for ASEAN members and East Asian countries to share, strengthen, and promote the cultural heritage through networking.

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