Enhancing the East

By S.BS. Surendran

Creating a home harmonious to exude positivity and activate good relationship is something which Feng shui facilitates when implemented properly. The sector which represents growth, relationship, family support is the East as per Feng Shui compass direction analysis.

The East sector of a home can be activated and enhanced through décor, symbolism and color which have a positive influence on the family members. This also signifies new beginnings and strengthens relationship within the family and friends.

The compass direction east also represents the element “Wood” hence enhancing this sector with appropriate element like either water or wood would be good.  Placing water features, images of water fall, potted plants, bamboo sticks, or wooden artifacts representing wood element would be beneficial.  However anything which is sharp and especially metal artifacts in this sector is not desirable.

The East sector also referred to as the “Family Zone”  in Feng Shui could be strengthened to overcome many situations like speeding up recovery from sickness , improve family ties, create feeling of family security and  bondage, avoid difficult situations like marital disputes to avoid divorce and even attract marriage luck.

The East sector can also be enhanced to achieve success and upward growth when you sense stagnation in your career or work. East which relates to the element wood signifies upward growth like that of a plant or a tree hence activating the sector with appropriate enhancer will ensure that there is upward career movement too.

The Feng shui symbolisim recommends any of the following to empower the East sector:
• The East in Oriental philosophy represents the mythical Dragon. Placing a figurine of a Green Dragon or even a painting or symbol of dragon at the east sector of the living or family area energizes the sector. The Dragon represents power, wisdom and kindness and also protects the home from negative forces.
• Displaying water feature with a dragon enhances the Chi of the East sector.
• Displaying the Three wise men as followed in Traditional Feng Shui often referred to as “Fu Lau Shou” brings in happiness, luck and wealth into your life.
• Having a décor in green, motifs depicting wood, furnishings in green or live plants at the East sector of the family, foyer and dining area empowers healthy and strong family relationship luck. The Live Plants also aid drawing in of positive energy and overall family development.
• Traditionally placing Bamboo or pine trees in the east of the garden or as indoor potted plants at the East of the family area signifies good health and longevity to the occupants.

Apart from the Feng Shui symbolism you can even follow:
• Ensuring proper ventilation towards the East of the house allowing the morning sun rays to enter the home helps in killing the negativity and preventing spreading of illness.
•  Avoiding clutter in the East sector of the house, foyer and main areas of the home.
• Avoid tall trees and plants in the East sector of the Garden which would block the natural light.

Balancing the East sector of your home ensures you are able to empower your life.

S.BS. Surendran is an accredited master feng shui consultant, traditional vaastu practitioner and bio-energetician based in Bangalore, India. He can be contacted via fengshui@fengshuiserver.com

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