FBI Officer Did Not Intervene In Murder Probe: Police


A United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) officer, who visited the resort island, did not intervene in the investigation into the murder of a US citizen, Sheila Von Weise, the Bali provincial police stated.

“The FBI only gave information and assistance in the form of technical guidance, but we did not use it all at once. They did not intervene but continued to entrust Indonesian investigators,” spokesman of the Bali provincial police Senior Commissioner Hery Wiyanto remarked here on Tuesday.

It was normal to receive assistance from foreign countries during the investigation process, he affirmed.

The FBI officer arrived in Bali last Friday.

The police have arrested two people suspected of killing the US national. The two suspects have been identified as Schaffer Tommy (21) and Heather Louis (19).

Although the suspects were foreign nationals, the police will handle the case in accordance with the Indonesian law since the murder was committed in Indonesia, Chief of the Denpasar city police Senior Commissioner Djoko Hariutomo remarked here last Thursday.

The suspects were arrested while they were asleep in the hotel room. They had checked into the hotel last Tuesday evening shortly after the body of Sheila Von Weise was found inside a suitcase.

Earlier, Sheila, Tommy, and Heather had stayed at St Regis Hotel in Nusa Dua, Bali. Last Tuesday afternoon, Tommy was seen leaving the hotel, carrying a large suitcase smeared with blood.

He then called a taxi and loaded the suitcase into the trunk himself. He later returned to the hotel room and was not seen thereafter.

According to the CCTV footage, Tommy and Heather were seen leaving the hotel through the rear gate.

When asked about the possibility of the two suspects standing trial in the US, Hery refused to comment.

“It is not our authority to state that. We only conduct investigation,” he added.

The Denpasar city police have questioned six witnesses related to this case.

“Six people have been questioned as witnesses to complete our investigation,” chief of the Denpasar city police Snr. Comr. Djoko Hariutomo said.

The six witnesses are among those who know about the discovery of the body believed to be that of the 64-year old American. They are a taxi driver, hotel staffers and security guards.

Although the suspects were foreign nationals, the police will handle the case according to the Indonesia law since the murder was committed in Indonesia.

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