Villages Council Prepares Encyclopedia of Balinese Customs

Grand Council of Customary Villages (MUDP) of Bali Province is preparing Encyclopedia of Balinese Customs which will be distributed throughout bendesa or leaders of indigenous villages on the island.

“The encyclopedia will be the most complete reference on customs and culture due to the current paper on indigenous Bali has never existed.` Though religious books are so many, “said Secretary of MUDP Bali Province, Ketut Sumarta in Denpasar on Friday.

According to him, the idea of making the encyclopedia besides coming from the management ranks of the Chairman MUDP Bali was also proposed by Nayaka leader (team of experts) MUDP Bali Prof. Dr. Wayan P. Windia.

“In addition, Prof. Windia is a professor of common law at the University of Udayana Bali. Prof. Windia also directly creates instances Encyclopedia of Balinese Customs’ book that has been prepared in 1,200 pages,” he said.

Sumarta expressed, the encyclopedia will contain a variety of things related to custom and customary law, the term indigenous, traditional village in Bali’s history to institutions, and various other things.

“The more interesting one, in the encyclopedia will also include figures photo associated with custom research and custom thinker of Bali. They were not only people of Bali, but the majority of foreign researchers who are Dutch people who used to live on the island,” he said.

Examples of the Encyclopedia of Bali Customs was already introduced to the traditional leaders and various groups with a series of  Paruman Agung (Congress) III MUDP Bali last week.

“Besides to be deployed on the entire indigenous villages, it will also be distributed to various government agencies, local governments, universities, libraries and other interested circles , “said Sumarta.

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