My Beachfront Heaven

I and my wife are happily married for 18 years now; when we were dating we took an oath of buying a perfect beach house where we could enjoy our vacations and private moments away from the worries of the world. However just like they say time runs faster than you think and it took us 17 years to realize that we didn’t fulfill that promise.
We are from Australia and it’s not easy to even buy a regular 3 bedroom house in good suburbs so thinking of buying a beach house at a peaceful and known location within Australia is out of question. So every year we would take a small trip to the exotic beaches within Australia and Islands close to Australia. So like all Australians we decided to visit Bali, the place got to us. We literally fell in love with Seminyak, Ubud and Nusa Dua. We generally researched about the prices of villas in bali and to our surprise we could easily afford a beachfront villa.
So last year we came on a real estate hunting trip, met a lot of real estate agents and saw a lot of properties. Understood the process, complications and requirements. Finally we decided to go for it. We wanted to get a small beautiful real estate in Bali which we could rent while we aren’t there and generate revenue at the same time. So after meeting a few property companies in Bali we decided to move forward with Kibarer Property as they understood our requirement for the property we wanted in Bali.

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