Police Not Yet Reveals Motive in the Murder of American


Bali Police so far have not been able to reveal the motive behind the murder of a citizen of the United States, Sheila Ann Von Weise, 64.

“The examination of the witnesses only refers to the act, the motive has not been revealed,” said Bali Police Chief Inspector General Albertus Julius Benny Mokalu in Denpasar on Thursday.

According to him, the unfolding of a motive for murder was because both the alleged perpetrator performed by Tommy Schaffer (21) and Heather Louis (19), did not want to give any explanation.

“If they don’t want to talk, that’s their right. But proving is related to the facts and evidence in the field,” he said.

Benny Mokalu previously explained that the amount of evidence in the form of surveillance cameras or CCTV at the St. Regis Hotel, Nusa Dua, a suitcase belonging to Tommy who was covered in blood and some other evidences are enough for the police to ensnare both in accordance with the law in Indonesia.

Furthermore, he stated that to reveal more complete motive, they must pull back the chronological relationships between the three.

“The motive should be collected from the back. Means that the data should be seen in America,” he said.

Therefore, the investigation was helped by the presence of a United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI who helped police unravel the murder case.

“FBI helped to provide technical assistance in the form of input towards case investigation if we are lacking of information, for example,” he said.

The FBI, he said, would help the process from the crime scene until the investigation but would not intervene in the legal process in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Deputy Head of Denpasar Police, Assistant Commissioner Nyoman Artana said, the file of the two murder suspects will be handed over to prosecutors for trial.

He explained that although the suspect was not cooperative in the second checkup, but it will not affect the investigation.

“Recognition of a suspect in the investigation is not absolute but remains supported evidence. Claiming admitted or not, it does not matter,” he said.

Heather Louis is also known pregnant. But it does not stop the investigation process.

Both are spaced apart to this day. Tommy is detained in Bali Police headquarters, while Heather Louis in Mapolresta Denpasar.

They are reluctant to give information to investigators because they wanted a lawyer from the United States and refused to accept legal aid lawyer appointed by the Denpasar Police.

In accordance with Indonesian law, foreign lawyers can not practice their own in addition to join the association and should join with the local lawyer association to complete the permission of the government.

Artana also confirmed that they will not be accompanied by a lawyer from the United States as demanded.

Denpasar Police itself has appointed local lawyer Haposan Sihombing to provide legal assistance to the two suspects.

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    Please tell us more! Here in the US we have to look for information on these two.