Regent Reminds the Society Not to Dispose Waste to Shore


Regent of Klungkung Regency, Bali, Nyoman Suwirta reminded the public and all parties, including employers not to dispose of trash and waste to the beach, because the beach is a sacred area and tourism activities.

“Those who were not responsible along this time including the businessmen, disposed the waste at the beach around Nusa Penida and Lembongan,” said Nyoman Suwirta.

He said the results of the monitoring conducted in Nusa Penida, especially at Lembongan and Jungut Batu found many violations, although those areas are growing as tourist destinations.

Companies in the area that disposed the waste to the beach were immediately given a verbal warning not to repeat the action which may cause environmental pollution.

He expected the companies or manager to take care and preserve the surrounding environment.

While monitoring the area, Nyoman Suwirta also found cliff dredging effort that will be used for boat path around Lembongan.

Other disturbance of environmental sustainability found by Suwirta was dredging of hill to build swimming pools.

Against those two violations, Suwirta claimed have directly called the parties related to those violations. “I’ve asked to be discontinued,” he said.

Regent’s decisive action was also supported by local residents and village officials.

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