Summer time in Bali

The official start of holidays all over the Europe stimulates a lot the tourism in Bali. In June, July and August all the island knows a massive arrival of foreigners. Australian people are also escaping their winter by coming in Bali and spending days on the beach drinking some fresh beers. After a year of […]

A possessed residence stuck a dagger into his chest in the tradition of “Ngerebong” at Dalem Pengrebongan Temple, Denpasar, Bali, on Sunday. Tens of people possessed during the that the means to neutralize the negative forces that exist in nature. Photograph by The Bali Times/ANT

Indonesian President to Open Bali Arts Festival

DENPASAR ~ President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) is scheduled to open the 36th Bali Arts Festival (PKB) at the Open Stage Ardha Candra, Cultural Park, Denpasar on June 13, 2014. “The opening will also be attended by the First Lady, Ani Yudhoyono, a number of ministers, and more than 100 tourism businessmen from different countries,” […]

Nusa Penida is officially Designated as Water Conservation Area

NUSA PENIDA ~ Ministry of Maritime and Fisheries set Nusa Penida as water conservation considering the area is the world’s triangular of coral reefs that has high biodiversity. “This conservation is to conserve marine environments including coral reefs and marine life that can provide benefits to the community,” said Marine and Fisheries Minister, Sharif C. […]

Bali Police Uncovers Drugs Smuggling via Mail

DENPASAR ~ Drugs Investigation Directorate officers with Ngurah Rai Customs and Denpasar Post Office managed to uncover drugs type crystal methamphetamine or shabu-shabu smuggling attempt weighing 452 grams via mail from Malaysia. “The mode used by smugglers is to hide the drugs package in the water pump sent by mail package from Malaysia,” said Head […]

Indonesia Needs Special Court for Environment-Related Cases: NGO

PEKANBARU ~ The Indonesian Forum for the Environment (Walhi) suggested the government should establish a special court for environment-related cases that had imposed material and ecological costs, Walhi’s Riau branch Director Riko Kurniawan said here on Wednesday. Riko argued that environmental problems were as damaging to society as corruption. While corruption cases were being tried […]

Bali Financial Deviation is the Lowest in Indonesia

DENPASAR ~ Chairman of the Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr. H. Rizal Djalil, said that the level of financial irregularities in Bali Provincial Government occupies the lowest position compared to other provinces in Indonesia. “I studied all the data and the lowest level of deviation is in Bali,” he said after delivering […]

Bali Police Prepare 4,000 Personnel to Secure President Election

DENPASAR ~ Bali Police prepare around 4,000 personnel to secure all stages of 2014 President and Vice President Election. Head of Public Relations Bali Police, Adjunct Commissioner Hery Wiyanto said that thousands of personnel consist of some elements, they are Samapta, Reserse, Traffic Police, Brimob, including intelligent personnel. He explained that the security efforts of […]